Instrumental Motivation of English Online Learning During Pandemic Covid-19


  • Widiadnya Putri Mahasaraswati Denpasar University
  • Nova Winarta Mahasaraswati Denpasar University



Instrumental, motivation, online learning


This study aims to identify and analysed the Instrumental Motivation of English
online learning during pandemic covid-19. Teachers and learners must be consistent in
carrying out learning in special conditions nowadays. A teacher has very important role
in fostering student motivation to take part in online learning, so the failures in the
process of transferring knowledge to students can be minimized. This research is
quantitative and descriptive qualitative study to examine Instrumental motivation in
online learning during pandemic covid-19. The random sampling was used in this study.
The questionnaire was used as an instrument in this study. The questionnaire consists of
12 questions as a test of instrumental motivation which is divided into three different
types of questions such as: academic motivation, individual motivation and social
motivation. The responses obtained from the participants were classified into five
categories according to Gardner's Attitude and Motivation (Jefiza, 2017), such as; strongly
agree, agree, doubt, disagree and strongly disagree. It was found that the motivation of
students in online learning conducted in class was to finish on time. The total mean of
academic aspect is 3.61 at the moderate level. Meanwhile, for the personal aspect, it was
found that the value for the total mean of the personal aspect was 3.69 at a high level, and
the mean of social aspects on instrumental motivation was 3.89 at a high level. It can be
shown that, the students still have high motivation in taking online learning even during
the pandemic covid-19.



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