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: Samā Jiva Jnānam
: 2 Issues Per Years (April & October)
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: Dr. Dewa Ketut Wisnawa, S.Sn., M.Ag
: UHN I Gusti Bagus Sugriwa Denpasar

International Journal of Social Studies (IJOSS) is the official journal of the Universitas Hindu Negeri I Gusti Bagus Sugriwa. The journal publishes research papers in the fields of tourism, culture, law and communication studies. The research that is published may take a theoretical or speculative model as well as statistical and mathematical. Contributions are welcome from all fields which have relevant and insightful comments to make about the social sciences. The journal also includes a research note section which is devoted to supporting scholarly research that is in progress. The journal has a well-established book review section which reflects the academic and intellectual diversity. While IJOSS is the publication of a regional association, it attracts submissions from a wide range of countries.