Alasan Keberadaan (Raison D’etre) Pendidikan Hindu


  • I Putu Suweka Oka Sugiharta Universitas Hindu Negeri I Gusti Bagus Sugriwa Denpasar




Failure to find the expected results of education is not only caused by the process that has been running. The main cause is often the foundation of the process is not solid. Education actors don’t know the basic benefits of the existence of education. The educational process is hastily executed for instant goals. As a result, the education process is faced with various obstacles along the way. Hinduism gives a serious portion to educational planning. Hindus can carry out their religious teachings while undergoing a strong educational process. Education is provided for every human being of all ages and conditions. Through proper reinforcement in formulating an essential foundation, it can reduce doubts about the educational process. In the view of Hinduism, education is a sacred thing. Education is derived from God's power to order the world. In its development, education does not make humans bound to the material world. Education fixes the human spirit so that it is balanced in all situations. Humans are required to behave well not only socially, but also because of internal drives. The reduction that occurs in the true meaning of education can be overcome with references from Hindu teachings.


Kata Kunci: Reason for Existence, Hindu Education, Raison D’etre






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