Tradisi Ngambeng di Pura Samuantiga sebagai Sarana Untuk Membina Sraddha dan Bhakti Generasi Muda Desa Pakraman Bedulu Kecamatan Blahbatuh Kabupaten Gianyar


  • Ni Gusti Ayu Kartika


Ngambeng Tradition, Sraddha and Bhakti, Young Generation


The Ngambeng tradition is a form of devotion for the younger generation of Pakraman Bedulu Village to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. This Ngambeng tradition is carried out by teenagers and children in Bedulu Village. The Ngambeng tradition is that teenagers look for ceremonial facilities to the homes of residents in the Bedulu Village area which carries the Samuantiga Temple. This tradition is spontaneously carried out by children and adolescents when 15 days before the implementation of Piodalan at Samuantiga Temple it is carried out without any orders or coercion from traditional soldiers. This tradition usually lasts for 7 days, and 8 days before the implementation of Piodalan at Samua Tiga Temple, this Ngambeng tradition will be completed automatically without any orders. The results from this Ngambeng will be collected for Piodalan equipment facilities at Samuantiga Temple. The Ngambeng tradition at Samuantiga Temple, Bedulu Village is a heritage tradition that has been carried out for generations and has been carried out since the establishment of Samuantiga Temple. The existence of the Ngambeng Tradition At Samuantiga Temple, Bedulu Village, the Ngambeng tradition is actually or in real terms and the existence of this tradition has continued from the past until now, because people believe and believe that by carrying out the Ngambeng tradition, they can preserve the tradition and maintain harmony with God, nature and mankind. known as Tri Hita Karana. The Role of the Ngambeng Tradition in Fostering Sraddha and Bhakti of the Young Generation of Bedulu Village