Internalization of the Sang Hyang Tiga Wisesa Concept in the Creation Process of Augmented Reality Based Puppet Show


  • I Putu Ardiaysa Ardi STAHN Mpu Kuturan Singaraja
  • Kadek Anggara Rismandika


Augmenter Reality, Internalitation, Wayang


Sang Hyang Tiga Wisesa in wayang is present as a text that is always spoken by a dalang in the parwa chorus or the exposition of Balinese wayang performances. This study aims to analyze the internalization of the concept in making Augmented Reality-based puppet shows. In addition, this research is also expected to find the relationship of Sang Hyang Tiga Wisesa with these five elements of life, namely Panca Maha Bhuta which is believed by the dalang as energy or strength that always strengthens the performance. This study uses a descriptive approach with data collection methods in the form of direct observation, in-depth interviews with key informants and study documentation. The results show the values of imagination, knowledge and creativity that are always present as the power of the puppeteer. These three values are related to pertiwi, apah, teja, bayu and akasa as the shapers of life.