Pluralisme Masyarakat Hindu dan Islam pada Prosesi Upacara Melasti di Pura Segara Desa Pengambengan Kecamatan Negara Kabupaten Jembrana


  • I Made Dwi Susila Adnyana Kementerian Agama Kabupaten Jembrana



Sistem Sosial, Upacara Melasti, Pluralisme


Pengambengan Village is an area that is predominantly Muslim. In the midst of the crush of the majority of Muslims, there was a procession of Hindu ceremonies called Melasti, which was carried out at Pura Segara. The location of the Segara temple is in the Islamic community, Pengambengan Village. Nevertheless, the Melasti ceremony procession carried out by Hindus in Pura Segara has never caused a religious conflict against Muslims. The social attitude of the Islamic community in Pengambengan Village always reflects high religious tolerance. The Melasti ceremony procession performed by Hindus at Pura Segara has always been peaceful since long ago. In fact, the social system of Hindu and Islamic societies respect and complement each other in the fields of religion, culture, economy and education. This is what reflects the attitude of pluralism between Hindu society and Islam that is in accordance with the Indonesian ideological foundation, namely; Pancasila, Bhineka Tunggal Ika, and NKRI are contained in the 1945 Constitution. It is this unity in diversity that makes the pluralism of Hindu and Islamic societies increasingly solid.

Keywords: Social System, Melasti Ceremony, Pluralism.