Agama Hindu: Sebagai Pedoman, Pandangan dan Jaminan Hidup


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Agama Hindu, Pedoman, Pandangan, Jaminan Hidup


Hinduism with various theological sources contained in the Vedic scriptures has provided important lessons in living life and understanding the nature of human life so as to achieve union with God. Hinduism with all its teachings ideally can be used as a guide (guidance) in living life and providing an understanding of the universal view of life so as to be able to realize and accept all the realities of life that exist. When Hinduism with all the sources of its teachings have been understood and applied in life, textually and contextually will get a guarantee of a better life in the next life. The gradual improvement of the quality of life will lead Hindus to reach union with God and stop the cycle of suffering from repeated birth and death.





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